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Welcome to Pastel Gallery. Click on each image to increase the size of the image and get a better view of the work. 
To find out about the artist, click on my name below.  To e-mail me, click on "e-mail" beside the artists name.
Glen Ward — e-mail me

TITLE: 5 Pieces
Artist:  Glen Ward
Image Size: 18 x24
Price:  $4,500.00

TITLE: Books
Artist:  Glen Ward
Image Size  18 x 24
Price $4,500.00

TITLE: Little Creek
Artist:  Glen Ward
Image Size 18 x 24
Price $4,500.00

Title: The Storm
Image Size: 18x24

Title: Steam
Image size: 118x24

Title: Boc Lilies
Image size : 24x18

Title: Carrnival Glass
Image Size :12x24

Title: Study in Apple and Books
Image Size: 14x11

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